What is Meditation

Exercise which helps as to relax and cool down with practice, relaxation for long time is easily possible.  It just depends on the type of meditation that is regularly practiced. One of the newest meditation is called ATMAYOG.  It means Mental & Physical offering in front of God.  We are connecting with the Supreme   through ATMAYOG. ATMA means = Soul, Yoga means = Physical connection with the Almighty. This meditation creates a personal and a very loving bond between the soul and the sperm father. Those who enjoy ATMAYOG Meditation know the art to connect with one, they experience all relations with the father almighty. The practice of this meditation is based on his teaching as the supreme teacher.  The first method is to consider the self as a soul and remember God as the supreme soul. Firstly, we remind ourselves of our original and external attributes than secondly of the gratitude’s of the supreme, the source of all power and energy. Through ATMAYOG meditation we purifies our mind and liberates it from different forms of impurity or body consciousness, thus transforming the self into a pure and charitable goal and experience super-sensuous joy.  This transformation is needed to become worthy to enter the heaven.

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