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is the common spiritual exercise of the Ashram. This is a ‘sadhana’ to reduce selfishness, pride and greed in the people of India, especially in the English-educated well-to-do Indians. Selfishness, pride and greed constitute the evil trinity of kaala angrez threatening to destroy world today. Tyagarchana is a spiritual exercise to conquer these evils with him and within people.

However, members of this Ashram will collectively use the savings from their Tyagarchana to feed poor children in world below 14 years of age through the various project of Atmayog International Trust at different parts of the world under the legal ownership of AYIT

‘Sahana Yoga’  
Sahana Yoga is the path of forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing love as taught and demonstrated to the world by Sadguru Jesus Christ. It is the path of non-violent social transformation adopted and promoted by AYIT for achieving the aim and objectives of the Struggle.

‘Pancha Tatva’
AYIT and other organizations / institutions collaborating with AYIT for the success of the Struggle of World.

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