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Atmayog was especially strong in some seminarians, who studied in the Catholic seminary in Kerala, a state of India. A prayer team took shape in 1991. The Lord of the Harvest honored their dedication and sacrifice for the cause of Atmayog. The burden was in everybody’s heart in the seminary. Atmayog meditation is a socio-spiritual organization for nation-building.  It was founded in 2002 by Willfred Jose.  We are responsible to provide moral and spiritual leadership to the Second Freedom Struggle for a Hunger-free, Cast-free, and Corruption-free  World. Atmayog Meditation has been functioning under the able leadership of Sri. Willfred Jose. Atmayog Vidyapeetam  at Mananthavady, Wayanad, India is the spiritual home for members of all.  Even though Sadguru Jesus Christ is honored as the power and spirit of the Center. Atmayog International Centre is being established Colorado in US. In future all campaign will be held in this Center. The next most campaign Atmayog vidyapeetam functions as a network of autonomous local Units with minimum of 12 members. Atmayog meditation has been active in India , U.S & Germany. Atmayog  vidyapeetam is placed under  the legal ownership of Atmayog international Trust. We Practice
  1. Tyagarachana: ‘Tyagarachana’ is the common spiritual exercise of the Ashram.  This is a sadhana’ to  reduce selfishness, pride and greed etc.  constitute the evil trinity to destroy the world today.  Tyagarachana is a spiritual exercise to conquer these evils within him and within peoples.
  2. ‘Sahana Yoga’: Sahana Yoga is the path of forgiving, enduring and self-sacrificing love as taught and demonstrated to the world by Sadguru Jesus Christ.  It is the path of non-violent social transformation adopted and promoted by AYIT for achieving the aim.
  3. ‘Pancha Tatca’: The Pancha Tatva (five principles) of enlightened leadership consisting of: Focus & Progress, Grow & Help Grow, Trust & Entrust, Risk & Rise, and Respond & Report developed and taught by Sadguru.

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